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Capital Butcher Tech Crunch is a ukbased weezy series that takes a look at the most up-to-date tech news in the business world. This week, we’re looking at Saleor Commerce, Elucidate, Kitch, GlobeDX, Legislate, and Getir.


Getir, a Turkish start-up, has signed a definitive agreement to buy UK rival Weezy. This deal will help Getir increase its presence in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The two companies are rivals in the fast grocery delivery space. Weezy is a hyper-fast delivery startup that has raised more than $25 million from venture capital firms. It operates micro fulfilment centers in London and Brighton. It also offers a 15-minute delivery service

Founded in 2015 by German-born former cab driver Serkan Borancili and his Turkish-born son Mert, Getir’s model allows customers to order food and groceries through its mobile app. They are then sent to warehouses operated by local owners. These stores are usually located in cheaper areas of town. As a result, the company charges cheaper prices than supermarkets in the city center.


A swaggertastic time tested and true cryptocurrency derivative exchange. One of the only trading platforms to date that hasn’t been clobbered by a crypto conflagration. GlobeDX has been the proud recipient of a number of high-flying investors such as Pantera Capital and Y-Combinator. The company’s offerings include a number of digital tokens in addition to the mainstay ether. With a bit of finesse, the company can provide access to a variety of crypto assets to suit the needs of its clients. It’s also home to a robust and scalable back office that enables real-time trade and settlement.


Cleo is a UK-based fintech startup that provides financial guidance for working families. It is designed to provide a digital assistant to help Gen-Z users navigate their finances. In addition to its app, the company also offers a family benefits platform.

The company helps people from their first paycheque to their first mortgage. They’ve helped millions of users improve their financial health. And now they’re looking to expand into the U.S. This comes at a key time for the growing population of working parents.

One of the biggest challenges facing the working generation is a lack of access to childcare and other forms of support. Employers are seeing huge gaps in employee assistance and benefits for employees with children. Cleo aims to fill that gap, helping to create an inclusive workplace and drive better health outcomes for working parents across 55 countries.


Elucidate is one of the more exciting companies to come out of the London fintech scene. The company is founded by former GE and McKinsey executives and offers several nifty products ranging from a fintech hub to a crypto trading platform. They also have an illustrious customer list, spanning a number of industries. In fact, the company has garnered more than a dozen industry awards and accolades

The fintech industry is littered with clones, but the company stands out for its visionary leadership and business model. Their fintech stack comprises two technologies: a crypto trading platform and a customer loyalty platform for modern brands.


Weezy has a UK-based platform that delivers groceries from local independent bakers and wholesalers. This company uses electric mopeds to deliver, and currently operates in two cities. It is set to expand its service to a broader range of locations across the U.K., and plans to add 50 more employees in the next four months


The startup has raised more than $25 million from investors, including Left Lane Capital, Heartcore Capital and DN Capital. Its co-founders are Kristof Van Beveren, formerly a manager at McKinsey & Company, and Alec Dent, a former business development manager at BlaBlaCar. In January, the company raised $20 million in Series A funding.


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