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The Huawei Kunlun, which is available for purchase online, is one of the latest mobile phone models from the Chinese manufacturer. It is also one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Although the model is priced quite steeply, it is well worth it.


Huawei Kunlun Africanyabiage M-Pesa has been an important player in the mobile financial services industry, enabling basic banking transactions in developing countries. The service, launched in 2007 by Safaricom, is the biggest mobile money service in Kenya, and transacts more than all other banks in the country. In addition to that, the service has also benefited from an enterprise solution from Huawei Technologies. That solution includes support for call center integration, enhanced security and faster query resolution, as well as third-party integration.

It is expected that the platform will continue to improve, as it is capable of working on both feature phones and smartphones, and will be expanded to include mobile commerce and lifestyle activities. The security measures employed by the system are in line with the best practices of the financial services industry.

As the largest mobile financial service in Kenya, the M-Pesa infrastructure supports the country’s entrepreneurial businesses and helps unbanked citizens access basic financial services. The platform leverages the existing investments in IT and mobile network platforms to expand financial inclusion to a larger base of customers. With this new technology, operators can offer lower transaction costs than the traditional bank services.

Fintech development

Huawei, a Chinese technology firm, is pushing Hibooz hard to make its mark in the African telecommunications market. It is announcing plans to offer mobile loans that are unencrypted, allowing users to borrow money without revealing their personal details. These loans will be available via a new platform launched by its Opera web browser unit.

The Opera platform will also allow consumers to take out loans that do not require a credit check. This is a promising sign for the fintech industry in Africa, which has seen hundreds of startups competing for the attention of African customers. But this isn’t all Huawei is doing. The firm has expanded beyond its core business of building phone networks, launching a range of enterprise solutions.

And while it has been criticized for its aggressive tactics, Huawei’s executives have made clear that they are committed to stepping up their efforts. During a recent African 5G summit in Bangkok, they made a sweeping pledge to boost investments in digital transformation across the continent. They also predicted that 5G will become the norm on the continent by the year 2023.

Mobile phone companies fill the void

Mobile phone companies have a role to play in the financial development of Africa. They are able to reach the population through the power of smartphones, while the large African banks are mostly Western-owned. These mobile phones can be used to make payments with an electronic wallet. Among the leading mobile money services are M-Pesa, a Kenyan service which transacts more than most banks in that country. Other wallets include WeChat Payment Service, which operates in 19 countries, and PalmPay, which is used in Ghana. However, these wallets require 3G infrastructure to work, which is not available in many of the poorest regions of Africa.


One Chinese firm is pushing to provide technology fashionnowdays for this kind of service in Africa. Shenzhen-based Huawei is expanding beyond its core business of building phone networks to provide technology that runs mobile payment applications in the continent. While the company faces increased scrutiny from the United States, the Chinese government and some of its allies, it is pursuing a major expansion into the telecommunications market in Africa.


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