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The UK-based Weezy series lane is a technology company with the mission of empowering a new breed of web entrepreneurs with cutting-edge tools, including a scalable API for connecting the cloud to the Internet of Things. It is led by an impressive team, with a track record of successes in the field of cloud computing, and has the backing of some of the best investors in the world.


Getir, the Turkish start-up, is buying rival Weezy. The company, which has operations in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool, recently raised $550 million in Series D funding and tripled its valuation to more than $7.5 billion. Besides the acquisition, Getir is planning major expansion in the U.K., which it hopes will be able to serve between nine and 15 cities by 2021.

The startup, which started in London in 2019, has attracted investors like Left Lane Capital, Heartcore Capital, and DN Capital. In January, it raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Left Lane. It’s also acquired grocery startups Fancy and Dija.

Getir plans to double its staff to 1,500 by the end of 2021. The company currently employs about 700 people, including delivery drivers. It operates from two sites in London, and operates micro fulfilment centers in Brighton and Manchester. By combining these facilities with its existing stores, it expects to be able to deliver more than 2,000 everyday items in 10 minutes.


Weezy is a London-based grocery delivery service that uses an electric scooter, bicycle, or moped to deliver groceries in 15 minutes or less. The company plans to expand to 40 sites in the UK by the end of 2021. Its founders are Kristof Van Beveren and Alec Dent, who previously worked at consumer goods companies like McKinsey & Company and BlaBlaCar. They also plan to add about 50 new employees in the next four months. As of August 2017, the startup had raised $1 million in a pre-Seed round led by Left Lane Capital and DN Capital powerful idea.


The grocery delivery sector is growing at a rate of almost 50% per year, with the total value of the sector estimated at PS14.3 billion in the U.K. In Q2 2020, half a million more shoppers joined the sector. Companies such as DoorDash and Gorillas are building automated grocery fulfillment centers. Result

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