Video Game UX Testing

There are many steps in a video game ux testing process. The process starts by implementing the game’s main screens and navigating map, and it continues by testing the various levels. The user should complete testing within two minutes, so you should offer to buy the user a coffee after the testing session. Typical questions asked during video game ux testing include whether the character jumps, moves, and detects enemies or power-ups. You should also ensure that the game is clear about the goals of each level.

To test the usability of a video game, you need to have a platform set up. This means that you should not have to configure the game or install it, since this will take up valuable time for your users. Using a think-aloud protocol will encourage users to voice their ideas and express their feelings. Using this protocol will give you a better understanding of how users respond to certain situations or menus.

During a video game ux test, you should use a diverse audience of gamers to gauge user satisfaction. It’s crucial to test for the audience segment that will actually play your game. Using a broader audience will give you a much more realistic look at what people really need. You should also consider the context of use in which the video game is intended. In addition to this, you should also try to get as many people as possible to participate in the testing.

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